Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bob Barker and CBS Getting Sued Again!

Bob " come on down" Barker is being sued by longtime employee Deborah Curling, she accuses Barker of repeated "racial discrimination, sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment." The former CBS prize administrator claims she was targeted for harassment and felt "physically threatened" at work after she testified in a wrongful termination lawsuit against the network. Curling, who is black, also contends that African-American audience members were repeatedly discriminated against in the process of selecting contestants.

Wow this man has been sued more times than Michael Jackson, did he leave the show to go tan in the sun or was it an attempt to flee the scene of the crime. One thing I can't stand is a perv and just because you're rolling in the dough doesn't mean you have to take advantage of these women, no matter what color they are. I mean an African-American woman, I can definitely sympathize with the contestants, but this is a sexist issue that needs to be rectified immediately! So Bob come on down and meet the judge, AGAIN!

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