Sunday, October 14, 2007

Boston is Having the Best Week Ever!

Keith Nordstrom

Patriots made a believer out of everybody, they routed the Cowboys on Sunday 48-27 and the Red Sox and Indians are tied in the ALCS. Manny was definitely being Manny in the first two games and it seemed like the Indians had almost given up, but in Game 2 Trot Nixon started a rally and the other players followed. The Indians put up 7 runs in the 11th to top the BoSox. Manny has been batting .500 and that's mainly on 0-2 counts. Big Papi has been hustling even on a bum knee, he's been laying it all out on the field. They shall meet again on Monday in Cleveland. I hope those damn bugs aren't flying around like they did in the Yankees series! I mean that was funny, seeing A-Rod slap bugs off his pretty face, but this is my team, so no distractions please! Boston is on it's way to having the best year ever, if the Sox can stay focused and put the Indians away. Patriots have the chance to clinch a playoff spot by Thanksgiving, how crazy is that! Lets go Red Sox and keep it moving Pats!

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