Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ohio Student Had a Troubled Past

This is such a sad story and another example of why school is so dangerous. A 14 yr. old Ohio student that killed himself and wounded four had a history of mental instability. He shot two teachers and two fellow students at SuccessTech Academy. The shooter was white, so of course some people are saying that this was a race issue, but like me, most people on campus are saying that in this situation that wasn't the case at all. I totally agree, this is the general census from all the students that know the boy. My main concern is why aren't the portable metal detectors being used at all times? This is not the time to be cautious, this is the time to be alert and aware of what's going on in your school. If you know that a student has mental problems and violence in his past, then you have to protect the other students and teachers, especially if the boy was suspended Monday!

Coon had been charged with domestic violence and had attempted suicide while in the seventh grade, The Plain Dealer newspaper reported, citing court and Department of Children and Family Services records. Apparently the student was beaten up after he said, " F*** God" during an argument. Although a motive in the shootings has yet to be determined, McGrath said Coon and another student were suspended Monday after the fight.

See these type of situations make me want to home school my son, because kids are becoming violent at a younger age. This generation has no fear! They're online, texting, dressing inappropriately, expressing themselves in such terrible ways. There's no respect for authority and in my honest opinion, corporal punishment should be put back in the school system. Also, more training needs to be given to the whole school administration around this country. Faculty and staff need more tools to identify troubled students, even before their suspended. Of course, parents are going to sign a permission form in order to give corporal punishment, the important thing is to at least have that option. I understand we don't want to start singling out certain kids, but I'd rather you remove students then have them shoot up the school in revenge!

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