Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ellen in Hot Water with Mutts and Moms

Ellen DeGeneres was all teared up on her talk-show yesterday, because of the controversy that surrounds her. Apparently when Ellen adopted a puppy from the agency Mutts and Moms, there was a clause in the contract that says, she can't give the puppy away to another household, she must return the puppy to the agency immediately. Well Mrs. Ellen's cats didn't get along with the Brussels Griffon mix, so she gave the puppy to her hairdresser and her daughters. Once the agency learned that she had given the puppy away without notifying them, they confiscated the dog from the hairdresser and her two daughters, leaving the young ones in tears. Ellen went on a whole spill about how she loves animals and just wanted the puppy to go to a nice family that would take care of it. She violated the rules in the contract and for that reason, she has to be held accountable for her actions. What kills me is that fans of the host are calling the agency with death threats. Hello people, she broke the rules. Remember the whole argument that celebs can't receive preferential treatment. I know it's a little extreme, but Ellen should have took Iggy back and then recommended that the puppy be placed with her friend.

Should the agency return the puppy?

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Jolivet said...

That's sad and I hope that the agency will give the dog back or at least allow the family to adopt Iggy the right way. Ellen admitted that she did the wrong thing but also before you sign a contract you should always read it.