Monday, October 15, 2007

Lauryn Hill Pregnant with Fifth Child

We were definitely miseducated, because Lauryn Hill has turned out to be a real loon. The former granny winner is pregnant with her fifth child. The father is her long-time " husband", Tuff Gong who owns the clothing line, Rohan. There hasn't been legal documents to prove that their married, but hey spiritual unions are cool too! Hill's Myspace page says that she's married and her name is Lauryn Hill-Marley. Apparently Tuff won't be able to be by her side, because he has taken off to Ethiopia. It's always sad when such a great artist goes off the rocker. I'm all for discovering self and becoming one with mother earth, but dang girl come back to reality. I wish her a healthy pregnancy and hopefully that " husband" will return from Ethiopia and be there for her.

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