Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant and Madonna is Getting a Fresh Start

I'm sorry readers, my allergies have been going crazy! So, there's been a couple of days without posting, but with a little help from Tylenol Allergy and Sinus, I should be high and ok. Now that I've given you my sad story, lets get down to celebs, school shootings, baseball playoffs and much more.

We finally have some confirmation on Jennifer Lopez's mysterious but so obvious growing stomach. According to US Weekly, the actress is pregnant with twins! She's about 4 months pregnant and her mom is saying, Mark and Jennifer are very excited. I'm happy for J.Lo, she seems like she's having the time of her life without any club shootings, dancing husbands, and jealous waiters that try to write a tell all book! I think you can figure out who I'm talking about! So congrats J.Lo and I hope you have very healthy babies and much success on your new endeavors.

AFP/File/Carl De Souza

Mrs. Kabalah is leaving her record company after 25 yrs of bliss to sign a whopping $120 million deal over a period of ten years with Live Nation. The deal includes touring, merchandising, and recording. This deal sounds good to me being that Madonna hasn't really had success with anything else other than touring, but hey that brings in millions so I'm not mad at her at all! My only question is, will she still be performing when she's 60?

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