Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Clarence Thomas of the NBA!

The executives at Madison Square Garden have to shell out 11.6 million dollars to a former employee that accused Thomas of sexual harassment! Of course the defendants will appeal the decision, but I doubt that any court will overturn the decision. The last thing the Knicks need is another season that starts off on a sour note. The jury of four women and three men found Thomas and Madison Square Garden sexually harassed Anucha Browne Sanders, but it decided only MSG and chairman James Dolan should pay for harassing and firing Browne Sanders from her $260,000-a-year job out of spite. The commish isn't going to suspend or fine Isaiah, because Stern feels that it's a civil issue. My thing is, he should've been focusing on making better trades and forming a playoff team than trying to put his hand on Sander's booty, damn Zeek!

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