Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reggie and USC in Hot Water!

Reggie Bush and his family benefited from $280,000 that was laid out to his family when he was still attending USC. Lloyd Lake will meet with NCAA officials and provide the goods on Bush. Now this has been talked about since Reggie was drafted by the Saints, but the investigation seemed to die down. Well I guess behind closed doors, they were looking to build a very strong case and get the witnesses they needed to put USC in a corner. Fortunately, Bush is already in the NFL, so the only thing that can really affect him is forfeiting the Heisman trophy. The school on the other hand could face other sanctions if it's proven that coaches knew or should have known about the alleged benefits. Do you really think Coach Carroll had no clue what was going on?


sam said...

Here's the full scoop on what it means for Bush and the Trojans

Ms. Scorpia said...

Thanks for the comment and the link Sam. Yea when I summarize a story, I definitely put a link to the source.