Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Brad Pitt was a Stripper in College!

Brad Pitt use to be a stripper in college, WTF? He was part of a raunchy group the Dancing Bares during his time at the University of Missouri. When there was a 21st birthday for the sorority sisters all seven of them would put on a show. They would put her in a chair and come out straight-up full frontal with pillowcases on their heads and do a choreographed dance for her. The girls would be laughing so hard. It was great!" I ain't mad at you Brad, who didn't act a damn fool in college. I don't know how cut or sexy he was back in the day, but whatever he was dishing out, the ladies loved it. Good for you Brad, you took college very seriously! Also, he's admitted that he's cut down tremendously on his drinking, because his daughter Zahara choked on a piece of ice a year ago and he was a little slow to react. Why was he delayed in helping little Z, because he was inebriated! Good Lord Brad, glad you slowed it down. You can't be drunk with 4 kids running around, not cool!