Monday, October 22, 2007

The Red Sox are Heading to the Big Dance!

AP Photo/ Bill Sikes

I couldn't even close my eyes tonight without hearing the cheers from the sell-out crowd at Fenway Park. The atmosphere was electric and I so wanted to be apart of it. I had to watch my Texans fall today to the Titans. The Texans were down 32-7 after 3 quarters and then Rosenfel orchestrated one of the greatest come-backs I've ever seen.

So I was very sad, but anxious for some renewed excitement. My Boston cap was on turned to the back and a Fanta soda was by my side. I was focused and ready, hands were clammy, face was turning red, stomach started hurting! This is the feeling of a dedicated Boston fan people, it's all a process! Anyway, so the Red Sox held on to a 1 pt lead going into the 7th.

At times during the inning I felt like I was watching a little league game, the errors and base-running was horrible! The Sox still stayed focused and tore it up in the 8th inning against Betancourt. Pedroia and Yooouki were on fire! The made-men weren't so fortunate this game, but Manny deserved a break. He has been the fuel that has ran the ship. Big Papi's knees have really messed up his swing and he's not the confident slugger that everyone is use to. Bean-town was wide awake after CoCo Crisp caught the ball in the outfield to end the game. He banged his knee into the green wall, but was able to hobble his way to meet the team.

So there it is ladies and gents, my take on the game and the emotions that come with it. So the same process will occur on Wed when the World Series kicks off. The Rockies beat the Red Sox 2 out of 3 games in the regular season. What the hell does that mean to me, NOTHING!

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