Sunday, October 28, 2007

NFL Sunday

(REUTERS/Marc Serota)

Since we're on the subject of sports, how about those 7-0 Pats. I would've continued with the Patriots in the Red Sox post, but I feel they need to shine all by themselves. It's NFL Sunday and what could be more exciting than watching the Pats beat the Redskins! Also, Giants and Dolphins will play across the pond in London! The commish of the NFL is trying to push mass marketing in order to expand the NFL to Europe over the next couple of years. How popular do you think the NFL will be in Europe?

The Chargers and Texans game should be a dramatic and exciting addition to the Sunday hoopla. I have to admit, the thought of a NFL game being played near the wildfires was a little scary. It took forever for the both teams to find out where they were going to play. I totally think Goodell's decision was solely based on dollar signs. I know that the fires have died down and all, but damn to play with so much going on is a bit distracting! Oh well the show must go on and I will definitely be watching.

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