Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lets Go Red Sox!!

My dreams of another ALCS showdown between the Yanks and BoSox may come true, but they will both have to get through some really hard nose ball clubs if they want to get there! The Yanks will take on the Indians in what most critics are calling the most important series for A-Rod who is the home-run king, but in the playoffs he's never been able to step-up for the big plays. Actually, he's done nothing in the last couple of playoffs, his batting average has been .333! Sabathia will be pitching the first game against the Yanks and Beckett will be pitching for the Red Sox in Game 1. So may the best pitcher win and A-rod goes 1 for 16. I'm so glad it's October, Big Papi and Manny time!

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