Wednesday, August 8, 2007

756 News and More!

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
Meet Matt Murphy, a 21 yr. old college student who had a layover in San Francisco before heading to Australia to visit a good pal. He was at the right place, at the right time and had a bloodied face to go with it. He said, " I won the lottery". Yes you did Matt, but you're now in the well-to-do tax bracket and therefore, 35 percent will immediately go to Uncle Sam! Matt said that whatever he gets from selling or auctioning the ball, he would give half to his pal that accompanied him to the ballpark.

I wasn't going to comment on 756, because it really gets under my skin. The league doesn't want to get thrown under the bus and so the obvious person that can take the heat is Barry. Let's say Barry, Sosa, Mcgwire, Giambi and many others all did steroids and some have admitted to using it, why aren't the other players as good as Barry, because Bonds was always the better player! Is Steroids wrong? If Barry wasn't close to Hank, would we be tripping? The answer is yes, Steroids shouldn't be in any sport, but it is and no, we wouldn't care less about Bonds if he wasn't close to the record. He would've been alongside Sheffield, Giambi, and others that admitted to taking the substance. So, what happened yesterday was freaking awesome and you can't deny the man his greatness, because his talent outweighs the Steroid use and before you go passing judgement, read the following articles on your favorite players and tell me what you think!!! It's easy to form an opinion when you don't have all the information. Please don't be naive to think that the Grand jury extension didn't have anything to do with 756, they have to make their millions first and then get back to work! Congrats Barry and hopefully you can come back next season and extend the homers. How ironic it is that the pitcher who gave up number 755 tested positive for Steroids in the minors back in 2005!
Note: There is no testing for human growth hormone, though it does appear on major league baseball's list of banned substances.

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