Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Scary Spice Isn't Playing So Nice!

Melanie Brown asked the court to be fair and reasonable in her case against Eddie Murphy. She claims that Murphy hasn't paid a dime to her even after the DNA test proved that he's the father. I can't stand when men plant all these seeds and then decide, hey it's not convenient for me. Please Eddie, you have five other children plus one, so don't act like you don't owe Mel anything. The reason why our world is so screwed up is because our priorities are out of place. He would rather put a ring on Tracy Edmonds finger than put milk in the bottle of his own child. Also, Tracy should be ashamed of herself for not being supportive of Mel B., just another selfish female in my opinion. He knows darn well that Mel isn't making any money, except for the interviews that she gives to various media outlets and that ain't much. It's about the baby and not your ego. Furthermore, I'm sure Johnny won't mind being pushed even more into the background for another one of your exploits! I hope Mel gets everything she's asking for and then some. She doesn't seem like the money hungry gold-digger, just a mother trying to support her daughter with a rich father. In my book, that's never been a crime, just don't get greedy!

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