Friday, August 3, 2007

Fans Ask President Bush to Pardon Isley

I know this news is a few days old, but to me it's new! Fans of Ronald Isley are asking President Bush to pardon the soul singer that was convicted of Tax evasion charges in 2005. I could say something to support " Mr. Big", but it's not going to happen. My heart goes out to him, because he's very ill with Kidney Cancer, but you still broke the law! You and R. Kelly was "Contagious" and living it up, but you weren't giving the real "Mr. Big" his dues. It's not our responsibility to be fighting for someone who has broke the law, race can not be a factor in this case. Why not petition the war, veteran benefits or something like that! Please don't take my words the wrong way, but I don't have sympathy for a person who is rich not paying his taxes, when Uncle Sam is taking almost 150.00 out of my 80 hr. check every two weeks!!!

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