Sunday, August 5, 2007

Single Mother Leaves Children in the Car!

This story is so sad on so many levels. A struggling single mother who needed to work a double-shift or be fired, left her two beautiful children in the car on a warm summer day with battery-operated fans, drinks, and food to hopefully keep them content. Unfortunately, the temperature in a car can be 20 degrees or more than the actual temp outside. The babysitter canceled at the last minute and leaving the kids in the car was her only option. It should never get to the point where you feel there isn't another option, you always have to put the child first. I know how it is to become so dependent on a job to pay the bills and put food on the table, but look at the consequences. Your two precious babies are dead and the courts are ready to prosecute. Please readers, if you are ever in a situation like this, take advantage of the services provided to you by the community. In the hood or in the suburbs, there is always a church on every corner! I can't even type anymore words, because it's just so heart wrenching! Take care of you and put the kids first.

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I just recently gave birth to a precious boy and have two stepsons. I got up to feed my baby the other night and turned on the t.v. and seen this situation. A single mom working taking care of her kids left them in the car and they died. My heart goes out to her and her family. My two stepboys, their mom does nothing for them, doesnt even call to ask how they are.By the way they 2&3. I give this mother credit for taking care of her kids there are so many women not doing their part and that is so sad to me. Myself, well me and my husband know how it is not to have a babysitter. I have family here in the same town I live in including my mom and I cant get a babysitter. I have had to quit numerous jobs b/c of no sitters and daycare is too expensive. Yea there are vouchers but those take time and there are no daycares open on the weekend atleast where I'm from. Today I searched and searched the net looking for this article Its just soo touching to me. I hope and pray that this mother finds peace with herself and that starts with God. May God be with her. You are in my prayers.
Russellville, Ar