Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Caroline Giulliani Voting for Obama!

Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is voting for Obama! On her facebook profile she's very clear on her " liberal" views and she was a member of the One Million Strong for Obama group until she removed her membership to the group at 6:01 a.m. I think that it's awesome Caroline is sticking up for her beliefs, she doesn't feel obligated to follow in her dad's shoes. The family hasn't been very close for sometime, so maybe Caroline is doing it out of spite, who knows. I have one bone to pick about this story! Why is her facebook profile allowed to be posted on various news websites? She's 17 yrs old and I don't care who her father is, but don't be exploiting her for your own professional gain. We're always talking about censorship in this country and the safety of our young citizens, but if it means more hits or better news coverage then go for it. I think it's really tasteless and I hope that the Harvard Freshman can have an awesome college experience without being bombarded by reporters!

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