Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vick Has to Make a Choice and Young Should be Careful!

Michael Vick has some very difficult decisions to make in the next couple of days. He has until Friday to either take a plea deal or go to trial. In my honest opinion, if Vick wants to save any hopes of playing football again then I suggest he cops a plea and sit in jail for 6 months to a year. There are a lot of teams in the NFL that will take Vick with open arms, it will be strictly about money and the possibility of bringing more fans to the football game. The people that come to the games probably aren't fans, but when there's a story or controversy they will pay and come watch one of the greatest quarterback in the last 10 yrs. If Vick decides to go to trial, he won't be able to hide or make any excuses, because the FEDS have plenty of evidence against him. One thing about this country is second chances are common and expected in sports even though I totally disagree. Remember Jason Giambi won the Best Comeback award a couple of years ago after returning from the disabled list and the big Steroids case where he testified about his usage of the banned substance. So I would say that Vick has a 30% chance of coming back and giving a team a real shot at making some things happen, assuming of course that the team that will accept him would have a loosing record. I seriously doubt that the Patriots or Eagles would want such a headache! Vick just really needs to do some soul searching and come to terms with his terrible behavior. Dude, just face the music, serve your time and get back on the field, if the game is really what you want and competition is what you need, then I think that will rule over any endorsements that you are not going to receive. You shouldn't even waste anymore money on attorneys, save it for the day you're released from the confined space that you've been in for at least a year.

Vince Young is Mr. Rose bowl and Madden '08 all-star, but he's heading down a bad road with his latest antics. He was benched for the pre-season opener, because he didn't stay at the team's hotel, which is not so bad, but it's the NFL and after the little mini brawl with your teammates in training camp, you need to make a serious case of dedication to your team and the league in general. It's expected that the quarterback of the Elite teams in the NFL will have a little machismo every now and then, but it's careless and stupid. Peyton Manning and Donovan Mcnabb are two of the real class acts in this league. You may have heard Owens and Mcnabb banter in the media, but never he showed up late or had a run-in with authority. Remember Young, Madden covers are suppose to be jinxed so please take head and prove the big boys wrong!!


Teelady said...
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Teelady said...

I just want to say that I really hate that people call him Vince, his name Vincent was shortened in college because when we were in high school at James Madison Sr High in Houston Tx (go Marlins) we called him by his full name. When we got to UT (go Longhorns) the media just started calling him Vince and being that I know him personally it just gets on my nerves. So anyway, watch your step Vincent!!!

Ms. Scorpia said...

Oh wow, I had no clue Ms. Teelady, but thanks for the info. He's now Vincent in my book!!

Animal Chaplain said...

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