Tuesday, August 7, 2007

College Students Slain

Sorry to start the morning off with such heavy news, but as I was driving into work this morning, I was reading the news on my phone and I came across this story. I was hoping I would get to post it before Ms. Scorpia (she takes ALL the good ones) and to my surprise she hadn't posted it yet...so here it goes. Four young friends shot execution-style in a schoolyard just days before they were to head to college. Natasha Aeriel, 19, was listed in fair condition at Newark's University Hospital. Police identified her slain companions as her brother, Terrance Aeriel, 18, Iofemi Hightower, 20, and Dashon Harvey, 20. These young adults were students at Delaware State and were set to return to school on tommorrow. That thing about it is that the news always talks about how African-American kids aren't doing anything with their lives and here we have a story about some that were musicians and excelling in college, whose lives were taken away too early in a senseless crime. (probably gang initiation!) Hopefully Natasha Aeriel, the only survivor, will be able to help police solve this heinous crime and bring some peace to the families and friends of these victims. Newark has one of this highest crime rates at almost 50% and these killings brings their yearly total to 60. Hopefully with this tragedy, there will be change for the citizens of this city. I pray for comfort for all that are involved. Be blessed and Stay Safe.

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