Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Health Club giant, Bally's Total Fitness files Chapter 11 - bankruptcy!! Bally listed $396.8 million of assets and $761.3 million of debts as of December 31, court papers show. How does this sort of thing happen, I am so confused. Bally has struggled in recent years to attract new members, and in March said it expected continued membership declines through at least 2008. That is because America is fat and exercise is no longer on people to do list. Of course around the New Year, every one's resolution is to get fit and hit the gym, but by February all those hopes have died. We have become a society of fast food and getting everything quickly. We now want instant results in everything and that includes fitness, we get plastic surgery, take magical diet pills, or just starve ourselves. I want to be more fit but I hate to sweat, so don't think that I am writing this and am not apart of the problem. I won't go to gym to save my life, not even the free one in my apartment complex. Well I hope we start prioritizing because our fitness affects our health and I am tired of being unhealthy, get out and be productive America!!!

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