Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Abusing the Adopted

I am so totally outraged with this story that it has simply brought me to tears. Being someone who is adopted, I found this story to be the most horrific and scary. In West Palm Beach, FL, a 62 year old woman is being charged with abuse, Judith Leekin is accused of fraudulently adopting and mistreating 11 New York children in order to bilk a child welfare agency out of $2 million. I will stop here for a second, first of all why did this happen between 1993-1996, and here we are in 2007 and we are just handling this. Apparently she was been able to manipulate her identity, by using various aliases, to keep adopting these people. People who adopt special needs children in New York City can get as much as $55 a day until the child turns 21. These children were handcuffed and not allowed to go to the bathroom, were not fed, and couldn't go to school. How could a person do this to other human beings? How could this woman get away with this for so long? Did she not have friends or relatives that would come by and see this happening? What did her neighbors have to say? I am sorry but I am so fired up about this story because I was so blessed to be adopted by the best parents in the world. Adoption agencies are supposed to protect children, not freely give them away to animals. I am going to pray that these people will get the best care possible. Hopefully our government will impose stronger laws on these type of matters. I hope this woman experiences the fullest extent of the law and gets the maximum punishment for her crimes. (ALL 11 of the charges!!!!)

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Julie said...

This story proves that there is evil everywhere! Children are blessings from God and to hear about this woman breaks my heart. My prayers goes out to those children and to her because she is one sick woman!!