Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nicole Confirms Her Pregnancy

As promised Nicole Ritchie spoke with Diane Sawyer this morning on Good Morning America with the support of her main squeeze, Joel Madden. She confirmed her pregnancy and the relief she feels now that her court drama is over. However, she still will have to serve her four days in jail by the end of September. I have to be honest, I'm more partial to Ritchie and not Paris, because Nicole seems to be more in tuned with reality. I think that being pregnant and having a stable relationship will make Nicole focus more on her baby and not on herself. She will gain weight and become more conscious of the ill-advised things she was doing. you know everyone deserves a second chance, well this is more like her fifth, but who's counting! The interview will air on Thursday and Friday, so tune in if you're interested otherwise turn it to ESPN Sportscenter!

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