Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sports Round-Up

Hey Peeps, again M.I.A. pretty much all ayer! I enjoyed my Friday so much and by the end of the day that full belly and joy turned into sleepy and peaceful! So I figured one post for a few things would save a little front page space.

George Mitchell, the investigator for the Steroids madness has been diagnosed with low-grade Prostate cancer. The cancer is small and localized and can be treated and cured his doctor said. Mitchell has made it very clear that his health issues will not affect the probe in baseball's most popular subject! He should be releasing a report in few months, by then Barry should reach at least 770 home-runs.

Tiger Woods tied major record with 63 yesterday at the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Ok. I thought our weather was scorching, but in Tulsa it was like 104 degrees. Tiger had 8 birdies and 1 bogey, keep in mind that Woods was 7 shots behind on Thursday. Could this be number 13?

What is up with all these old-school NBA players that want to come back? It seems that Reggie Miller has inspired them all! Allan Houston from the New York Knicks has definite plans on returning to the courts. He's been an ESPN analyst for the past two seasons, hmm where can he go? Now on to Mr. Miller, Boston Celtics is really trying to lay down the red carpet for the three-point expert to un-retire and join Garnett, Pierce, Allen to become a real Eastern Conference contender. I'm not so sure about this one, I mean Jordan did it, but he's Jordan! Can Reggie make the giant leap forward and land in Beantown? Penny, Penny has signed with the Miami Heat to reunite with his buddy, the " Big Aristotle". I'm really a little reluctant about this one. We haven't gotten any opportunity to watch Penny shoot, I guess the Heat have seen him do his thing behind the practice doors. I'm really looking forward to this NBA season, I shall renew my league pass immediately!!

Well Peeps, that was the Sports Round-Up, on to celeb news...

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