Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Man Murders His Dying Wife!

Stanley Reimer was paying between $700-800 a week in medical bills for his wife Christe. It overwhelmed him and he was faced with a difficult decision, right? Mrs. Steimer weighed 75 lbs and was sick from Uterine Cancer. Stanley " selfish" Steimer kissed his blind wife and tossed her over the balcony where she died on contact. When the police arrived at the apartment he said, " she didn't jump"! He's charged with murder and held on $250,000 bond. What ever happened to till death do us part? He was not the judge of her life and it's just sad that people become cowards when it's not about them. I hope he sits in jail for the rest of his life with a picture of Christe bolted to the wall, just a reminder of his crime.


Nancy Laird said...

The murder of Christe Reimer by her husband Stanley was premeditated and yet they charge him with 2nd degree murder not first degree murder. Why, is the D.A. seriously believing poor Stanley. Stanley had options and I am surprised that Nancy Grace did not do more investigating of the story. This could be about health care, but it is not. It is about Stanley not taking responsibility for what he did. Yes our health care system needs revision, but Stanley should not use this as a sympathy card. Vicki Christe's sister is dying of melanoma. We just did a fund raiser for her in Sonoma Calif. Christe never had uterine cancer or ovarian cancer. Stanley had options and chose not to exercise them. I would like to see Nancy Grace take this on.It points out the failure of our health care system but also is being used as an excuse for murder.Nancy Laird

Ms. Scorpia said...

Wow, thanks so much Nancy for the comment. I love Nancy grace too and it would've been nice to see this case have more t.v. time. These cases always get under my skin, because it's always an excuse of why someone couldn't deal. Like I said, they need to put him in jail for life!