Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Danielynn's First Birthday

Danielynn will celebrate her first birthday with a party with balloons and at least 200 guests, including her once believed father Howard Stern. I hope the despite all of the media frenzy this child had with the public deaths of her mother and big brother, that she can live and have a some-what normal life. Larry Birkhead, lynn's biological father has been taking care of her since the DNA test revealed that he is her father. I wish all the parties involved the best. Oh and where is Danielynn's grandmother?

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TM said...

This guy's so desperate for attention. If he really cared about the upbringing of this child, he would have dropped out of the spotlight the second he got custody. With a dad like that, this girl has no chance of growing up normal. She'll always be one drug addiction away from being her mother.