Thursday, August 2, 2007

Please Don't TomKat, I Beg You!

Does this picture make you want to scream? Well if so, hold that thought because this will be even more nauseating! According to a friend of the couple, Tom and Katie want to pose in the buff like their good pals Posh and David! I mean seriously who wants to see Tom Cruise even remotely naked, no one in their right mind would want to witness that. Tom, just because you married a woman that could be your daughter, doesn't mean you have to relive your days of Risky Business! I hope this story doesn't come to forition and it's all a bunch of crap. I've never wanted something so badly not to come true. Tom really needs to leave his hair alone, that cut is not cute and why must Katie continue to attain Jackie O status. She couldn't embody Mrs. Onasis even if she tried, so just stop!!!

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