Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fisher-Price Recalls 1 Million Toys!

I know there is a lot of parents reading this blog, at least that's what I assume. Please pay attention to the Fisher-Price Recall Toy List. The company has recalled one million toys, including the Dora, Elmo, and Nickelodeon toys. Dora is very popular amongst kids and you have to take action, these toys contain an excessive amount of lead. My thing is, how can you not have a strict quality assurance policy when the items use paint, spot checking isn't good enough!
Please read the following:
In the last two years, the staff of the consumer product commission has been cut by more than 10 percent, leaving fewer regulators to monitor the safety of the growing flood of imports. Some consumer advocates say that such staff cuts under the Bush administration have made the commission a lax regulator. The commission, for example, acknowledged in a recent budget document that “because of resource limitations,” it was planning next year to curtail its efforts aimed at preventing children from drowning in swimming pools and bathtubs. The toy industry in the United States is largely self-policed. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has safety standards, but it has only about 100 field investigators and compliance personnel nationwide to conduct inspections at ports, warehouses and stores of $22 billion worth of toys and tens of billions of dollars’ worth of other consumer products sold in the country each year. “They don’t have the staff that they need to try to get ahead of this problem,” said Janell Mayo Duncan, senior counsel at the Consumers Union, which publishes Consumer Reports. “They need more money and resources to do more checks.”
However, you will be allowed to exchange the item and receive a voucher for equal value of the toy. It's not time to be lenient parents because your son or daughter loves Elmo and Dora, their health is more important! Please don't be naive to think that the toy you purchased isn't affected, be cautious and follow instructions. I'm just being a concerned parent not a principal on ethics.

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