Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Former Insurgents Helping the U.S. in Iraq

The U.S. government is using former insurgents for al-Qaida to help them find the enemies. People take a real close look at the picture, it's obvious that the man standing behind one of our own is out of place. The government feels that these insurgents have the know how to catch the criminals. Umm excuse me, weren't these people training to kill us? Oh I see, give them some money and tell them everything is ok, right? Well guess what, friends of Abed , both 18-year-old members who also decided to aid U.S. forces, were dragged out of their high school during final exams and beheaded. Their bodies were flung up into a tree with the severed heads displayed on the sidewalk below, according to Abed and U.S. military officers stationed in the area. Where is the decency? You mean to tell me all the high-tech intelligence we have, it has come to us using others to fight a war that shouldn't have been started in the first place. It really infuriates me, Osama is still chilling in the caves and sipping on some wine while our sons, fathers, children, mothers, brothers, sisters are dying with our blood covering their bodies. I understand why we wanted to go to war, they attacked our soil, but this is not going to end. Furthermore, it's Osama we want! We have to stop with the save the whole world crap, it's just not going to happen. You've helped Iraq establish somewhat of a democracy so let them deal with it. Of course, regulations and viable agreements should be made to keep a little peace, but this Pentagon expert plan to use insurgents is a complete disgrace and the government should be ashamed. I've never been in the service nor am I a military expert, but I'm a U.S. citizen that has a right to speak and voice my opinion and I will continue to do just that!!

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