Friday, June 29, 2007

Big Wheels Keep on Turning....

I've been M.I.A. the past couple of days, but for a very good reason, I was tired as hell! There's a lot to say, so sit back and get your eyes ready. So, as we expected Oden and Durant were drafted 1 and 2 respectively. The behind the scenes action on Thursday night was the real deals! As Durant packs up and heads West, Ray Allen will head east to Beantown and Delonte West and Wally who, will join Durant. Zack Randolph will go to the Knicks, Francis and Channing Frye will head to Portland, but who will they be playing with, exactly! Charlotte Bobcats traded away there 8th pick Brandon Wright for J-Rich! Wow, I wasn't expecting that one. It hasn't even been a month since the NBA Finals and we already have a blockbuster summer. I think for the Warriors it was good move. J-Rich has been plagued with injuries and the Warriors are looking to keep that young, uptempo game up. I'm not sure that Davis can keep up the pace with his nagging injuries, but did you see the 1st round? The only questions that need to be answered is where is Ko-Baby and the "Big Ticket" going? I'm so excited about next season, with all this new collegiate talent, it should be a very good bowl of gumbo. I don't expect for San Antonio to win another title. Teams are making moves specifically to step up and give the Spurs a challenge and I definitely think they will do that!

A little comic relief, where was Noah going with that outrageous, 9th grade prom, Kentucky delivery man, usher at the Mt. Zion on Calvary Baptist Church going? I know you are a lot richer and I ain't mad at ya, but dude that wasn't for you sweetie! His agent, mother, somebody should have said something! I guess he wanted all eyes on him, but they were staring in disbelief, trust me. Ok, that's all I have! I know, one lousy post, but it's Friday and that's chill day. So, until tomorrow take care of you. There will be a lot of stories manana!

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