Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Do We Do These Things?

You ever wondered why some people...

1. Comb that tuft of hair over, only to see it wave in the wind (older white guys)

2. People ride on E with the A/C blastin and get mad when they're stranded on the
side of the road

3. Go to the grocery store, KNOWING they only have $30 to their name and try to buy
$50 in groceries.

4. Put their signal on WHILE they are making a turn.

5. Buy low-rise jeans, knowing they will have a Muffin Top (not sexy ladies)

6. Go to the Casino RISKING the chance of the lights being cut off

7. Drive fast while its drizzling (slick roads)

8. Lie to ourselves and say I will NEVER drink again, after calling EARL

9. Get to work late and get mad at our supervisor for saying something about it

Signed Dr. Coyle32

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