Monday, June 18, 2007

Presidential Election Update


Clinton 39%
Obama 26%


Guiliani 28%
Thompson 19%
Mccain 18%

I'm a registered Democrat, but at this point I just want the best candidate for the job! In Politics, no one is truly honest, but it's who will win the Oscar in the Best Actor orActress category. You talk about a challenge over the next four years. The problems in this country to me needs to be addressed first, then work outwards. Our security is not up to par, gas is high as hell, vets coming back from Iraq and elsewhere are fighting for the benefits promised to them! We send these people, well kids over there and if they get back in one piece, they have to fight an uphill battle. All the candidates need to be realistic and stop trying to play the I'm on your side, whichever side that is. This election, I encourage everyone to vote and vote for the person that you feel is the best for the job. Seriously, forget their party, but remember their words. How will they change our country? How will they educate our children? How will they bridge the gap between rich and poor? How will they support our troops when and if they come home? So, think carefully and be informed, before making that important choice. PEACE and LOVE

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