Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Mighty Heart

I saw A Mighty Heart on Saturday and I must say, it moved me! I'm already an emotional personal, but it moved my soul. I encourage all of you to watch it, I know the movies are hella expensive and you'd rather burn it, but it's worth paying your money. If you're looking for a flashy, high-budget action sequence movie,then this is not the movie for you. If you're looking for a passionate, well told story about an American citizen who was caught in the middle of a bigger situation, then you will definitely want to know more. Angelina, will definitely get an Oscar nod for this one. She has this uncanny ability to make everything feel so real, like you were at the table with her. In Girl Interrupted and Gia, I felt the same way. I totally forgot that Winona was suppose to be the star, didn't you?

The director, captured the essence and richness of Pakistan. The people, the culture, and the terror that exists were all displayed in a powerful way. I think there are still so many questions about 9/11 that haven't been answered. I refuse to believe that no one else was involved in those attacks. Why did we go into Iraq to find the " WMD", but Osama was hiding in the mountains. This dude was making videos and shit! He was sending them to the media, it felt like BTK, but only in Afghanistan! Also, the talk amongst black people trash talking Angelina for portraying a woman of color, shut up! First of all, Mrs. Pearl is French and Cuban. So, the Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union talk needs to cease. The role was originally for Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt reserved the rights to produce the film through his production company, Plan B. Could you seriously imagine Aniston playing this role? I don't think so, drama is not for her! Have you seen Derailed? The make-up on Jolie wasn't over done, so it looked really natural. Overall, excellent job ma. Damn the naysayers! Oh wow, time to lay it down...
Sorry for the many random thoughts, but check out the movie!
Unfortunately, it only made 4 million over the weekend. If only they could stop releasing these movies that really don't have any substance. Evan Almighty?

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