Saturday, June 16, 2007

AL Updates!

I think it's quite clear who my favorite team is! Yes, I want these two to meet in the ALCS! The BoSox and Yankees have new rosters and I'm always up for a good dogfight. What could be a better matchup, than an old schooler and new kid from around the globe? It would just be the ultimate, bars all over the world would rake in plenty of dough and spend a lot on cab service! Ahh yes, October is awesome! The BoSox took on the Giants at Fenway Park. Unfortunately, the line-up was a hot mess until my boy Manny stepped to the plate and hit one right over the Green Monster! Dice-K had 8 strikeouts and 7 scoreless innings. Final Score 1-0
The "Subway" series continued and this time the Mets were off the tracks. I just hope the Yanks can keep the wins up, so they can make my dream come true! Final Score 11-8

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