Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Bradley Bunch!

Pops and the clan are back in Prague where Angie is filming Wanted. She should be wrapping up filming in July or early August. While Mr. Pitt was in Montreal shooting scenes for The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, he bought a mommy-to-be kit at Bloom, an upscale maternity shop. The Belli Pregnancy Gift Box includes, Pampered Pregnancy Body Wash and Elasticity Belly Oil. He told the cashier it was, " for a friend". Seriously, no one will ever believe that! Especially since Angie has been gushing to all the media, that you two are planning for upwards 14 children. I mean Good Lord, that's a lot of small tikes. At least let the others get older and become babysitters, but you got that covered!

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