Friday, June 8, 2007

Spurs vs. Cavaliers Game 1

The excitement in the Q when the Cleveland Cavaliers reached the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history, was overwhelming!
The press immediately focused on LeBron James and his courageous effort to carry his team all the way to the promise land.
Now fast forward to Game 1 and you start to wonder, was there to much media hype? He interviewed with Rachel Nichols on ESPN Sunday conversation and he said, "I never feel pressured". Well, maybe he just felt the hard defense of the Spurs!
I'm definitely a Cavaliers fan, but I think that LeBron has to make better decisions on the court and Mike Brown needs to make even better substitutions. Daniel Gibson should've received more minutes and the last shots he took in the fourth quarter only verified that this kid means business! If Cavs are going to have any chance, then Larry Hughes needs to stay on the bench! I have no problems with Larry, but he's hurt and why put him in a game having consistent lack-luster performances? Hey, just my opinion!

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