Saturday, June 16, 2007

Damage control has begun after the fiasco that occurred at the premier of Mighty Heart. Angelina's attorney, Angelina's attorney and manager, Robert Offer, said that the agreement was the fault of a "bone-headed, overzealous lawyer" - (him) - and that Jolie was unaware of the move. "This was my creating something to protect her from the press talking about personal matters, a document that would limit discussion to the film," he tells the New York Times. "But it was drafted overly broadly. It was well intended, but I understand how it was received."
I really hope that this is true, because it doesn't seem like something Angelina would do. She's been on every major network and media outlet talking very candidly about her family. Also, her thin frame has become popular amongst insiders. Angelina has always said that she would much rather be 15 lbs lighter.
At the New York premier she told reporters: "Someone saying to me that I'm thin is not a compliment. I've always been lean and this year I lost my mom and I've gone through a lot. I have four kids and I finished breastfeeding - it's been hard to get my nutrition back on track. Instead of people saying I look like a person dealing with something emotionally, they assume it's because I want to fit into skinny jeans."
Let's just hope she gets back to her normal self and can look a little bit healthier, there's always another baby!! I mean she did tell John Stewart on the Daily Show, her and Brad were shooting for 14.

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