Friday, June 29, 2007

Just Had To!!!

Sorry guys, but I love David Letterman! He's funny as hell and I couldn't help myself from posting this.

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Ms. Scorpia said...

Well, well. Ms Hilton was a guest on the Famous Larry King Live show. I love the way David Letterman exposes the truth. All that talk can be summed in one word.... SMOKE. She probably does not have any scratches on her from falling off of the handle-bars of a bike, while being pumped (yall know what I'm talking about) or had to break a sweat on anyone's job. I wonder what else is turning up there in her brain. It will be only a matterof time. Hopefully, she does not go and shave her head. A shaved head and a horribly built body does not equal eye candy in my playbook....

Signed: DrCoyle32