Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thank God!

Finally, someone has listened. Larry Hughes will be benched for Game 3 at Cleveland, due to foot pain. Why has the cavs waited so long? He's been playing on a bum foot throughout the NBA Finals and it's only gotten worse. Everytime you see him leave the floor and Gibson steps in, you know he's going to give you quality minutes and put some points on the board! He's no Tony Parker, but it makes Cleveland better to have someone that can run the floor and get into the lane fairly easy. I know that rookies usually don't get to play on this big time stage, but if a player is showing this kind of poise, then by all means play him! Lebron and Daniel aren't Shaq and Kobe, but they're the most athletic guys on the team and that's what it's going to take if they at least want to win one game. I'm sure I will have a lot to say after Game 3. Hopefully, the words will be somewhat of praise and not disappointment!

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