Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just Sad!

Police: Pregnant woman's body found; cop arrested -

Like I said on a previous post, lets wait until all the evidence is presented and charges are filed. I'm deeply saddened by the events of 23 of June, a body believed to be Jessie Davis was found. Bobby Cutts is being charged with 2 counts of murder! I was watching the Mike and Juliet Show on Fox and they had Geraldo and another former prosecutor, can't remember her name. Anyway, they kept comparing this case to that of the O.J. Simpson case. I'm thinking to myself are you kidding! The Jessie Davis case is more like Scott and Lacy Peterson. We don't even know the dynamics of all the relationships that this man had. He was rumored to be engaged to this girl named Niki, who was on the show and she really looked like a Hooter's girl looking to cash in, the estranged wife, and Jessie. This dude felt like since he was a police officer, he knew the ins and outs of the system, well you were wrong ass! It really frustrates me when people compare this to the Simpson Case. I'm not defending "Orange Juice", because like most people I believe he did it. The fact that Cutts is a Black man and Jessie Davis is White really is the only comparison you can make other than the charge. The scenarios are totally different. Look, prosecution just needs to continue building their case and throw the book at this arrogant, selfish, and sorry excuse for a man! I would like to send my condolences to the Davis family and may God keep you all.


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