Monday, June 18, 2007

Fantastic Bore!

I saw Four on Friday and I was yawning the whole time. I will admit there were some parts that gave me a little hope that things would get better. The movie was trying to appeal more to teens and young adults. The sexual innuendos was really irritating. If you saw the movie, you know what scenes I'm referring to. My son and little brother kept covering their eyes, not that I asked them to, it was what they thought to be inappropriate behavior. I spent a total of 41.00 on food and tickets, which was expected. You can't bring two kids and not expect anything less. I like Spider- man, because it appeals to everyone. Overall, family enjoyment is more important. Jessica Alba, needs to go back to whatever acting school and ask for a refund. She's absolutely hard to watch. The over the top makeup and bad hair extensions was killing me softly!! I'm not to fond of her anyway, since she's being trying her best to scream, "I'm not a Latina" and "Cameron Diaz is more Latina than me". Well you go girl, voice your disgust to your most loyal supporters. It doesn't matter what's your ethnicity as long as you make the top 100 of all guy magazines then hey you've made it, because it's sure not your acting taking you to the top!

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