Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stressful Situations.. What would you do?

I just wanted to say a few things, rather give a few examples of stressful situations that we have all been through one way or another. What would you do?
1). For you ladies, getting a perm put on your head and you find out the water had to be turned
off temporarily.
2). Being in bumper to bumer traffic, after eating at a buffet. (you get the picture)
3). A novice driver of a car w/manual transmission on a steep incline of a parking garage after a
big play or concert. Right behind you is a $300K Ferrari Enzo.
4. Your car is on E and you stop for gas. You are heading to work and your card's magnetic
strip stop working. You have been warned that you will be terminated if you are late again.
Try to call someone and your cell phone's battery is about dead.
5. Locked your keys in the car, while its storming like in the days of Noah.
6. Car stalls in the middle of say, (Interstate 10 West in Houston), during 5 o'clock rush hour.
Those that live there know what I'm talking about.
7. For the fellas, you in a crowded elevator, next to a VERY attractive female. While chatting
with her, making that 1st impression, one silently slips out of you.

Signed Dr. Coyle32


Jolivet said...
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Jolivet said...

1) Scream like HELL, get this shit off my damn head!! I'm going NATURAL!!
2) Learn to eat closer to home.
3) If the Ferrari hits me all I can say is, I'M GETTING PAID!!
4) Looks like I have to give HEAD again. Damn and she don't know how to wash properly.
5) I'm no fool. I lock my car door with my cars.
6) I'll just have to get out and push that bitch before the tow truck comes (assholes).
7) Make him feel comfortable and let a LOUD one out. (Oh Yeeeeeah!!)