Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Never Satisfied!

Now, being a mother is hard and I can understand a woman feeling like she is due her compensation, but this is out of hand. How can 25,000/month
( 300,000/yr) not be enough? Oh I know, you have to get your new do, new outfits, latest purses, pay a high mortgage, bmw or benz, basically all about you. See, when you're not use to nice things and you get them, greed kicks in. That's the problem in today's society, we are teaching these kids that Gucci and Seven jeans is the epitome of fashion and popularity. I mean don't get me wrong, if I had some mad cash, of course you want nice things, but to say that you can't live off of that is ridiculous! Since you can't live off of that and haircuts and private schools are to costly, give him custody of Marquis and then you won't have to worry about expenses, problem solved. Yea right, because it's about you! 50 cent worked very hard to earn his money, what did you do? You can't expect a man to fork over half of his fortune to you. Don't you think that 50 will make sure his son is left with plenty of money? I have to give it up to Curtis, he's investing in billion dollar companies and still making hit records, so much love.


Jolivet said...

That is what you get for dipping without a raincoat. (Oh Yeeeeeah!!)

boogah said...

It's not about having enough to live comfortably on ($25,000/month should be MORE than enough). It's about sticking the knife in him =and= twisting it.

As for Mr. Cent, I've heard a couple of his "songs". Maybe I'm an old fart, but how he ever amassed such a fortune is beyond me.