Friday, June 22, 2007

Charity or Party?

Paris will apparently be paid a million bucks to give her first interview fresh out of the slammer! Now, I understand that it's a high profile story and just like most celebs, major media outlets have to pay a small fee. LOL
I just refer back to her interview with Barbara Walters, where she says that she wants to do something good when she gets out. Well, Paris here is your first challenge. Instead of taking the million bucks as if you need it, donate it to a Cancer Foundation or a reputable charity.
Also, I don't see how playing dumb all these years is a great accomplishment. Seriously, nobody thought you were acting. I mean look at Jessica Simpson. She's been reduced to Dorito commercials and horrible movies that bomb at the box-office. At least you had a decent performance in House of Wax (ha). Paris, time will tell if you were reading a script from jail or if you really plan on doing something good, I hope it's the latter of the two.

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