Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Beat Goes On....

I don't believe that we should still be in Iraq! We're fighting a war that will never have a resolution. We're loosing our allies, because we don't want to listen. The elections are coming up and every candidate wants to serve their opinion to the American public. Five Iranians were detained by U.S. forces in the Northern city of Arbil in January and the Iranian government is calling for their release.

I've realized that I'm just one citizen, and my vote doesn't really matter! The situation that happened in Florida years ago really made me realize that, but my voice does count! I'm free to say "I don't agree with the war"!

The families and the soldiers are very near and dear to my heart!! It saddens me when I see the news and the tragedy that occurs over seas. Now there is a new war brewing and the U.S. better be ready! The next President of the United States will not have time to rest and figure things out, because Bush will have plenty leftovers!


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