Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nation & World Pregnant Ohio woman missing without a trace Seattle Times Newspaper

Update: A day old baby has been found in the next county. So police are awaiting the DNA results. Where is the wife of the police officer that was having an affair with Ms. Davis? I believe foul play is definitely a factor. Furthermore, why would Cutts be allowed to take part in one of the searches when he was clearly a suspect for obvious reasons. Let's get all the evidence first and then arrest the bastard if he's your guy. We don't even know if she's still alive, Davis was due to give birth on July 3. My first guess is, the wife of Cutts hired someone to get rid of Davis. She was probably so devastated when the first baby was born. Is Cutts and his wife separated? What a blow to find out that your husband is set to be a father again! I'm sure once everything is said and done, it will definitely be a Lifetime Movie. There's just so many questions that need to be answered, but the clock is shrinking. This story reminds of the Law and Order: SVU episode where they found the lady minutes from delivery and chained to a bed in an abandoned house. I really hope that's the case, the baby and the mother are safe. I feel so sad for the two year old boy who witnessed it all, " my mommy's in a rug"!

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