Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Technology Ruining America?

The thought crossed my mind the other day about all this advancement in technology. I will admit that we've come along way from the Industrial Revolution and 8-track tapes(don't laugh,I know someone still listens to them). Now, you are probably wondering why I have a picture of a kid stuffing a burger down his throat. I did that to illustrate the fact that no one wants to cook anymore, some kids need to be in a Red Flyer wagon because they are too damn big. All this technology is causing some deterioration of the family. Cell phone usage is out of control, the movie and music industries are suffering. Hell, movies nowadays are damn near $10. No wonder why people would rather wait till it comes out on DVD or Blue Ray. We are going text messege crazy now. Hardly any conversations take place, just text me, you know? Look at cars, they are starting to come with refrigeration units for drinks now. If you think that America is large and in charge now, oh just you wait!!. I'm not totally dissing what's out there, just saying that people have gotten away from the stuff that really matters, like the QUALITY TIME FACTOR. Everyone has their own agenda, no time to play with lil Bobby or teach him values. You are whipping out the PDA or something. You wonder why he's building pipe bombs or for little girls, going to physically meet some man they met online. On family trips, some parents pacify their kids with Shrek or Talladega Nights(j/k, that's not for kids). Heck, back in the day, we talked and played games, that real bonding timeon trips. We need to get back to reality and use the technology with sense. Some of you remember the Jetsons, well we are not all that far from it. Like they say, don't let the money make you, you make the money, the same goes for technology. Think about it for a sec.....

Signed DrCoyle32

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Jolivet said...

I agree with you. My husband and I are always behind with new technology because when it first come out we feel that it is too expensive and a waste. We did not buy a DVD player until 2005, only because we wanted the extended versions of LORD OF THE RINGS!! (Oh Yeeeeeah!!)