Saturday, June 16, 2007

It Pains Me to Say This!

I really thought the Cavs would come out with a little more fire! Lebron just had his baby in the early wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately, he didn't have any help. The point guard rotation is something the organization will definitely have to work on over the summer. At the same time, I can't excuse Lebron anymore. His game was kind of bad this hold series. Collectively, he shot only 31 percent and that won't cut it. The Spurs definitely know how to force shots and make guys shoot mid-range jumpers, but LBJ has to make some of them. He kept fading away to his left and I don't even want to talk about his turnovers.
Ooh, the television ratings overall were down 27 percent from the last year's NBA Finals. I really wish the NBA would change the seeding, because the better teams should be playing this hold time. The more wins you have, the better seeding you should get! It's just plain and simple. David Stern also needs to take a look at some of these non calls and flops.... the list goes on and on. These are some big games and there was definitely a foul at the end of Game 3! Even in the post conference, Pop and all the players said, they were trying to foul LBJ. One way to solve this kind of issue is to have an instant replay of the last shot at the end of each quarter. No, it will not eliminate all of the bad calls, but it will have some affect on the most defining moments of a game. The bad calls or non-calls that's really a big deal, is usually at the end of a game. If players and coaches start to get on officials, then they start getting heavy fines. Absolutely, ludicrous in my opinion! We just need to make the NBA as fair as possible and stop trying to globalize before you start correcting problems here!
Oh yea, does Robert Horry deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

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mhyoung357 said...

Note to Eva Lonhoris...
Buy some "Class" with all that money! You looked like a classless teeny boper slobbing all over Tony Parker.Everybody know you got that man girl...are you that insecure?