Wednesday, July 18, 2007

189 dead in Plane Crash in Brazil

OMG, I am so distraught about this plane crash in Brazil, I mean the 6,362-foot runway has been criticized for being too short. Two planes slipped off it in rainy weather just a day earlier!!!! On top of that Bologna added that three TAM workers in the building were killed and five others were missing. My heart goes out to all those people affected by this event.

The TAM airlines Airbus-320 flight that originated in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil on Tuesday cleared the airport fence at the end of the runway and the busy highway but slammed into a gas station and a TAM building, causing an inferno. "What appears to have happened is that he (the pilot) didn't manage to land and he tried to take off again," said Capt. Marcos, a fire department spokesman who would only identify himself by rank and first name in accordance with department guidelines.Emergency workers have recovered 117 badly charred bodies, along with the plane's flight data recorder, said Antonio de Olin, cheif of the police station at the Congonhas airport. Forensic doctors were gathering information from relatives to help with identifications, he said.

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