Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vicks Goes to Court and Pleads Not Guilty

I had to write the latest news on the Michael Vick case. He walked up to the courthouse with a confident attitude, some people were booing loudly and walking around in doghouses. Michael Vick plead not-guilty, the trial date is set four days after my birth date, November 26, 2007. The judge released Vick on a conditional bond. He had to give up his passport and isn't allowed to travel. The judge also stated quite loudly that, " these are mere allegations". He went on to say that there wouldn't be any postponements or delays in this case. The trial will last for two weeks and Vick can face six years and a 350,000 fine. Vick's lawyer addressed the media and said that Vick had written a statement for him to read. In the official statement Vick said, " I want to apologize to my Atlanta Falcon teammates, I want to apologize to my mother and what she has to go through".

I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but it's very hard to do when you have so much evidence already given up by Vick's friends and family. I mean how can you not know that dogs were being treated in such an inhumane way at a house that you are renting? If you haven't read the 18 page indictment you should, there's a link in another post. In the indictment it states that the dogs were doused with water and electrocuted! I refuse to believe that he had no knowledge of these allegations. The messed up part is when trouble enters your life, friends and family exit. It happens all the time, because those people that you thought you can trust have now gotten ghost and told everything about you, be aware of the company you keep has always been the name of the game, to bad he didn't take head! I will keep updates has they happen....

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