Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brangelina Making Plans for Germany

According to Britain's Daily Mirror, Brangelina is moving to Berlin, Germany to remove themselves from the spotlight. Apparently Brad is really concerned for Angie's health and he also wants his kids to have somewhat of a normal life and attend school in Europe. I thought Brad loved New Orleans and wanted to settle there because they treat them like normal people. I know everybody can change their minds, but they really need to settle fast. Those kids are going to be so jet-lagged, they'll be to tired to go to school. The two did say months ago that they were planning on retiring in a few years to concentrate on family, so maybe this is the first step. I think for the most part Angie will be the stay at home mom. I'm worried about her health too, did you see the bones protruding through her dress at the Ocean's Thirteen premier? Anywho, good luck to you Brangelina keeping the paparazzi away, they are in Europe too!

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